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Working Class Creatives

Working Class Creatives is a podcast dedicated to telling the story of what it takes to make it as an artist, author, actor, or other creative professional. Each episode features interviews and discussions with working creatives talking about the realities of trying to succeed  in the modern economy while maintaining some semblance of a work-life balance. Listen and learn what it takes, what an aspiring creative must be willing to sacrifice, the reasoning behind their creative choices, and the harsh realities these industries demand.

Jul 25, 2017

Subscribe via: iTunes | Google Play | RSS Robert Cudmore is a radio lecturer who specialises in audio drama. Formerly one half of the Audio Drama Production Podcast team with Matthew McLean, they recently handed the reins over to Fiona Thraille and Sarah Golding. He's starred in several Audio Dramas including Edict...

Jul 11, 2017

Subscribe via: iTunes | Google Play | RSS James D'Amato is the host of the ONE SHOT Podcast, co-founder of the ONE SHOT Network, and half of Paracosm press.


Show Notes:

  • James views his creative work as using...